Friday, May 8, 2009

Deinstallation and Installation Number One

I'm slated to have three galleries at McHenry Community College to fill in August and have been waiting until I have studio space to tackle some of the more space-invasive components of creation. Before we get all the furniture delivered from IL, we are trying to tackle the messier jobs. The most destructive processes are what has made me feel like this is mine. Taking out the registers, removing curtains, refinishing the floors, and now removing wallpaper has been cathartic. The sweat and attention involved has made me feel affection and ownership (if the hefty loan doesn't on a daily basis affect the same).

We are planning on replacing the cream small patterned paper with a rich blueish-red. Alizarin crimson was my favorite oil paint color, so I was happy when Brad suggested a deep red to replace the paper. A dark color will make the tile floor and backsplash look rich instead of washed out.

Installation One: I will be reassembling the shell of removed wallpaper. The labor-intensive process of removal has me conjuring the chrysalis attributes of a new skin. I haven't figured out if I am going to stitch to reassemble or mount it onto fabric or just velcro it to a carpeted gallery wall. We began the process of serious removal last night at about 8:30, and have only a small dent in the square footage of blue and pink flowers.

Possible titles: Ski(e)n, Shedding, Wall Covering, Re:Place. I am open to responses and suggestions.

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