Monday, February 15, 2010

Moving out...

"Fixing the transitory" will now continue on my website:

After seeing the traffic to my blog here and comparing it to my outdated website- I have switched from writing my own html and using a content management site. My blog will be the home page.

I am still migrating information over, but most of the site is operational and the bulk that is up is necessary for a upcoming applications so we made the switch this weekend. Please alter your bookmark.

Please leave my comments on the new site about usability or the artwork--- I am hoping this is a huge improvement over my old one. (I already know navigation and the ability to update are far surpassed already).

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birdseed Project at Children's

a few samples for the "indoor" doilies...In the meeting, we decided to try gingerbread house "glue" instead of peanut or almond butter.

I met with art therapist Julie Gant today to discuss the logistics of a birdseed doilies workshop at the Barnes Jewish Children's Hospital in May. It will be wonderful to bring the project to the children on their rooftop garden (or in the playroom if there is inclement weather). I am so excited to see the garden again when it isn't blowing snow-but even with a chilly layer of white the layout of the beds and all the integrated artwork is quite spectacular. The circular cut outs in the wall with a view of Forest Park were my favorites of the winter garden.

While walking back to the parking garage, I got to see the overjoyed response of a few little guys who were so excited to see the trains overhead in the skyway bridge. I couldn't blame him for screaming and running underneath after it, I was pretty taken with them myself. The hospital has lots of artful elements throughout that help to put one at ease- including smiley faces on the plant pots.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shows in Belleville, IL

Brad and I had a good time at the opening for Art After Ours at Governor French last Friday night. So good that I left my camera in my coat in the coat room until we headed out near 10pm. The exhibition was the first time for me to see artworks by some of my Pulitzer associates-- Bob Sullivan, Kay Renner, Craig Courtney, Jean Ducker, and Jennifer Murray. Jennifer Murray's advocacy of re-purposing materials was great to see in its gallery manifestation. Check out her website,
I was afraid the nasty looking weather would keep people some coming out, but the crowd grew to create a din and the long drive back home was not bad. I may have to somewhat revise my earlier statement of St. Louis not having real traffic- traveling downtown during rush hour was stressful given the weather. Still a small slice of heaven compared to any weekday Chicago traffic.

On Thursday, I got a chance to check out the Schmidt Art Center's portrait show. The highlight of the show was the wall of Carol Carter's "Growth Portraits", documenting her son by a portrait for each of his 24 years.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

another few feet...

I worked today at Governor French Academy drawing in seed during the school's open hours. I only completed about half of the form because Sarah, the gallery director, still needed the room to move a few lights. It was a well-spent afternoon, spent overhearing the ill kids who were waiting to be picked up, the bustle of school activity, and talking to a few students about what I was doing. I will return on Thursday to drop off goodies and finish up the drawing.

The Main Street of Belleville is adorable. One of the parents I chatted with said the big push to revitalize it came about 5 years ago. It is very pedestrian friendly. I want to return to browse when I have a good chunk of time. It was too gray today to take lots of photos, but here's an image of my dinner and the view out the Oregon Trail Roasting Co. window. The other is the promised image of the gentleman's WC wallpaper.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wallpaper & Install Weekend

Last Friday, I installed a 16' segment of Re:place for the SCC Faculty Show 2010 in the Fine Arts Building on campus. Re:place is a rehanging of the wallpaper and valance I removed when I moved into my St. Louis home (here's shots from my McHenry County College install).
Today, after I ate half my weight in blueberry pancakes at Oregon Trail Roasting Co., I began a small birdseed drawing as part of Art after Ours, a group show of Pulitzer F of A employees at Governor French Academy Gallery. The Belleville, IL space has some gorgeous wallpaper (especially in the gentleman's restroom) and wooden paneling, tin ceiling tiles, ceiling medallions and chandeliers with large store-front windows. The floor is an odd plank formation which makes seed drawing more difficult that anything I've worked on before. I ended up leaving in early afternoon to digest the space a bit more before I head back to install on Tuesday and possibly Thursday to expand it out to nine feet. The opening for Art After Ours is this coming Friday evening, opening hours still TBA.

I'll have to post some images of the gentleman's restroom wallpaper pattern and more of the Main Street. I also plan to stop by Schmidt Art Center while in the area on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Few More Interaction Shots

Here's a few more interaction shots as the first brave few entered the wall to wall floor drawing.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Thursday's opening went well- even had five visitors drive out to see the spectacle of the opening alongside those associated with the college. The reticence of the crowd entering the gallery was a new experience for me to watch. The wall to wall installation was much more intimidating than I was expecting. I am looking forward to seeing the video documentation of the literal "opening" of the doors. The brave first soul made a path and there was a single file through the space and then a gathering on the stairs and around the railing of the second floor. I haven't gotten all my documentation photos back, but will post more as I get images. I am in desperate need to update my website with images from this past year, but need to migrate files from my old computer to make it happen- which is project 5 on my to-do list.

Here are photos care of myself and my in-laws from the opening.