Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shows in Belleville, IL

Brad and I had a good time at the opening for Art After Ours at Governor French last Friday night. So good that I left my camera in my coat in the coat room until we headed out near 10pm. The exhibition was the first time for me to see artworks by some of my Pulitzer associates-- Bob Sullivan, Kay Renner, Craig Courtney, Jean Ducker, and Jennifer Murray. Jennifer Murray's advocacy of re-purposing materials was great to see in its gallery manifestation. Check out her website,
I was afraid the nasty looking weather would keep people some coming out, but the crowd grew to create a din and the long drive back home was not bad. I may have to somewhat revise my earlier statement of St. Louis not having real traffic- traveling downtown during rush hour was stressful given the weather. Still a small slice of heaven compared to any weekday Chicago traffic.

On Thursday, I got a chance to check out the Schmidt Art Center's portrait show. The highlight of the show was the wall of Carol Carter's "Growth Portraits", documenting her son by a portrait for each of his 24 years.

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