Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birdseed Project at Children's

a few samples for the "indoor" doilies...In the meeting, we decided to try gingerbread house "glue" instead of peanut or almond butter.

I met with art therapist Julie Gant today to discuss the logistics of a birdseed doilies workshop at the Barnes Jewish Children's Hospital in May. It will be wonderful to bring the project to the children on their rooftop garden (or in the playroom if there is inclement weather). I am so excited to see the garden again when it isn't blowing snow-but even with a chilly layer of white the layout of the beds and all the integrated artwork is quite spectacular. The circular cut outs in the wall with a view of Forest Park were my favorites of the winter garden.

While walking back to the parking garage, I got to see the overjoyed response of a few little guys who were so excited to see the trains overhead in the skyway bridge. I couldn't blame him for screaming and running underneath after it, I was pretty taken with them myself. The hospital has lots of artful elements throughout that help to put one at ease- including smiley faces on the plant pots.

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