Tuesday, February 2, 2010

another few feet...

I worked today at Governor French Academy drawing in seed during the school's open hours. I only completed about half of the form because Sarah, the gallery director, still needed the room to move a few lights. It was a well-spent afternoon, spent overhearing the ill kids who were waiting to be picked up, the bustle of school activity, and talking to a few students about what I was doing. I will return on Thursday to drop off goodies and finish up the drawing.

The Main Street of Belleville is adorable. One of the parents I chatted with said the big push to revitalize it came about 5 years ago. It is very pedestrian friendly. I want to return to browse when I have a good chunk of time. It was too gray today to take lots of photos, but here's an image of my dinner and the view out the Oregon Trail Roasting Co. window. The other is the promised image of the gentleman's WC wallpaper.

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