Friday, November 20, 2009

Art St Louis XXV Opening Images and Award

Here's the great montage that Robin Hirsh, gallery director, took during the Monday-Thursday installation...(and sent out in the ASL newsletter the week of the opening.)

Thanks to Travis for bringing his camera, and obsessively shooting images during the three hour opening reception. The doily was well-received, I even had a gallery visitor say "I like the fact you call it a doily and doilies are not meant to be handled, but people can touch this."

This doily was my largest- 12 feet wide, with three different types of seed: nyger, millet, and milo. I was definitely influenced by the East Asian sculpture and architecture lectures I've been giving in my Art Appreciation classes during the week of install. The show continues until December 28th, so stop by if you're downtown.

I earned an "Award of Excellence" from juror Sheryl Conkelton, author and independent curator, along with four other artists from the exhibition. So I am now eligible to submit works for consideration in "Honor Awards 2010" next Spring, curated by artist Carmon Colangelo, a prof at Wash U. I am hoping to get some images of my Canton wall-to-wall install for the CD of images for jurying.

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