Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Keep the old

Brad and I came back to DeKalb to drop off installation materials and visit some friends. We had a busy weekend of driving to Chicago, driving and stopping and driving through Chicago (gotta love St. Louis traffic after a trip back to Chi-town), and then coming back home.

The Art Center Highland Park had great interior space and a friendly staff. I really appreciated having the opportunity to store supplies there, so I don't have to worry about lugging it around Chicago without a car in March.

I forgot how easy it is to get into studio headspace while on long drives at night, so that aspect was productive as well. I was also pondering how music is not an artform where one may ask
"Why make it? What's the point?" Perhaps because it is more comfortably appreciated ( if you don't have music snob friends)?

Re:Music... In reading the Tale of Genji, music was an amusement of those in the imperial palace. Today we are so spoiled with personal devices and recordings that I don't know if the isolation of being the only one listening is as rich an experience as a shared one.

The Field's "Aztec World" exhibition dazzled me with transformations of stone into live objects and the glimpses into another worldview. We raced through the exhibit after meeting Kristen and Chris for lunch and a tour of Kristen's new office...

The shared late night and breakfast table are two events that make one feel incredibly welcome. I hope our hosts enjoyed the Missouri gift of Colossal Chips. The hospitality, conversation, and laughs, I'll really treasure.

I am putting my nose to the grindstone, as classes begin in a week, but grateful for good friends, new and old, and several new opportunities that have presented themselves in the past few months.

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