Monday, January 26, 2009

Eat after reading

I just received the postcards For A Limited Time Only! ... They look wonderful. The catalog is going to be printed and edible. I can't wait to compost it!

We are headed back to Chicago this coming weekend to drop off some supplies for the installation and visit the space. It will be great to see some friendly faces that we've sorely missed since the move South.

I've got stew cooking and am hoping for some snow tonight so I can practice birdseed doilies in a few inches of the friendly white stuff. That's on tomorrow's agenda with laundry and a contact list revamp and mail merge.

I'm in the middle (literally) of The Tale of Genji. I will read it all, and before it's overdue. It is formidable in size, but I realize how much immersion you get to enjoy by spending so much time in the world of the first novel.

This past weekend I attended a great seminar on bookkeeping as an artist. So, there are only about 7 new habits I am trying to pick up this month, before all my classes begin.

The house hunt may be drawing to a close (at least 1/2 of the waiting period is over); I feel much less claustrophobic these days.

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