Thursday, October 9, 2008

Light Project

St Louis Light Project--- Stopped by last night on the way home from the Beuys interview and conversation with Barbara.

Incredible- I don't know if these photos of the church (Rainer Kehres & Sebastian Hungerer's CHORUS) turned out anything but blurry, but the video work (Ann Lislegaard's CRYSTAL WORLD (AFTER J.G. BALLARD) was incredible. The mix of poetry and image was quietly beautiful making the same transformation of text on page to wonderment of written poetry itself in its unfolding. I could have happily stood and watched several rotations of the cycle, but would not have been able to walk back to my car with newly minted evening companions Clare and Dave of Quincy, IL. We even knew some common friends- so the evening made the city even more a place a wonder.

The Light Project in the church transformed a sad building into one that becomes again a beacon. Truly exquisite- my only wish was to be able to enter the space and see it from below.

Humans are such suckers for luminosity- I always feel like a dog getting scratched "right there" when I see fireworks exploding above. Well executed works and a great gathering space for the public. Loved it. Dragging Brad back with me.

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