Saturday, August 29, 2009

Looking forward to "Citizenship"

When I checked my Google analytics this morning, I found most visitors were looking at my cv--- and it needed some updating. A complete site overhaul may be in the near future. In the updating process- I found the image on the left, posted by the talented Ms. Annie Heckman from the "For A Limited Time Only" install this past March. Ahh, lots of good memories.

As the deadline approaches for the install of "Material Studies", the anticipation of seeing the work together with some other like-minded artists builds. This past year has been a great one for shows, and I am interested in seeing the conversation of my work with Erin K. Cork, Courtney Henson, Christine A. Holtz, Jessica May, and Alicia Pigg.

Christine is the curator and friend with a similar approach to material but much more humor inserted in to the works. My tongue in cheek approach can sometimes go over as well as my facetious comments that go unnoticed as humor. On our second meeting, we discovered both had created artwork from cigarettes; Her's a pacifier, mine a stole.

Being included as part of Innovations 8 has opened my eyes to the benefits of living in a larger city. The locals have cultivated a rich legacy and vibrant community of textiles and fiber art(ist)s in the region.

Good Citizen has put on several strong shows, including Deborah McClary (some of my favorite painting I have seen since no longer including it as part of my studio practice). The space is both immaculate and full of character with a friendly owner to boot, so you feel comfortable staying to enjoy.

I am looking forward to creeping under Erin Cork's couch... with a birdseed drawing.

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