Saturday, December 19, 2009

CSC Install Day 1

Emily and I arrived right at 1 pm to meet Jen at the gallery with no real weather holdups. I was afraid we would have to head home again after getting the low down on the space and meeting some staff, because the first floor was supposed to be refinished and perhaps a bit too stinky to safely work in. The floor redo had been postponed, so we had no worries about fumes and decided to tackle upstairs. We vacuumed, moved pedestals, set lighting and started drawing upstairs. I was greatly influences by the Four Centuries of Japanese Screens at the St Louis Art Museum- especially the use of gold leaf cloud shapes to both unify and divide space. We only got about an hour of drawing in at the very end of the evening, but it's off to a good start. Local BBQ sustained us and having Emily's extra hands has been wonderful.

The friendliness of Culver Stockton College folk has already made several good memories- from a helpful battery jump, to help getting campus numbers and loan speakers (thanks so much Jeanne!), to having a real bed and shower-- when I'm used to a sleeping bag and a yoga mat and zero privacy during a long install. It's really wonderful to be able to have a mini-residency at a quaint snow-covered campus with the help of an old friend.

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