Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Installation Day Four

Emily and I cranked out the other side of the horseshoe upstairs on Monday, putting in a late night. I'll have a bit to touch up on my return trip, but it was energizing to work while the carpet and panel of the first floor was being removed. So many staples and nails to pull- but the floor beneath looks wonderful. I could hear "This is the old basketball court? It's great to be able to see it." from passersby and the staff helping to return the floor to its previous glory. I am hoping some of the blue remains after the sanding as a remnant- it looks so sharp against the maple floor.

I already have a deep seated adoration of wood. Brad and I are so happy with the investment of refinishing our Red Oak from the Ozarks at home- just sealing it instead of staining it. We had Floor Designs ready to begin as soon as we got home for the first time from closing. I am also a huge fan of restoration and re-purposing unique features of architecture. The new wooden floor will be a beautiful backdrop to the huge doily I have planned for the lower story of the gallery. It will be great for artworks in future shows at C-SC as well.

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