Thursday, June 25, 2009

Conduit to completion

Conduit is the answer, "Defense Mechanism:Phalanx" is the title.--- Several steps in the progression to completing Installation 3 occurred late last night/today. I did a very rough model using carpet and toothpicks and purchased conduit. The forward lengths of "spear" will be off the ground 3 feet, otherwise the seed of the idea is there. 5' lengths of conduit are perfect for this application--- I now will get buy in bulk and arrange and rearrange. Do I want the work at an angle and sacrifice some width? That viewpoint of the phalanx is most impressive to me, where the grid breaks down some.

I started researching aggression and war maps as they related to control and violence- which is something I just can't seem to wrap my head around. After the NIU shooting in Feb 2008- I stopped reading The Lucifer Effect mid-stream and decided to give myself some time to digest. I think I am ready to return to the form at least if not yet to the reading, since I have been musing on how the parts of house I don't like and destroy make me feel much more at home than my own things. Defense mechanisms in the form of maintenance (baking soda drawing in carpet- also a call to cleanliness and control), phalanx structure, and re:placing the wallpaper of my kitchen all seem to tie together. All related to coping mechanisms -our own weak defenses.

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