Thursday, June 25, 2009

Interactive Chicago

Last Friday I drove up to Chicago for Woman Made Gallery's "Interactive" exhibition. I wanted to see the reception of my work as well as meet some new people and see some old friends. The weather was horrible- thunderstorms and lots of rain, but several people still came out. B got stuck in St. Louis due to weather, and I didn't MegaBus it due to our original plans of spending some quality time in IL with friends the rest of the weekend together. Luckily, I met some great artists and met up with good friends-so I enjoyed myself despite the unseen solo aspect.

The works engaged several people, especially since people saw others engaged in it. So many of the book arts on display still seemed so fragile, I don't know if people really got to enjoy them as planned. I recommend the show, but bring a group to friends to play or the younger braver set.

I did get to have a great museum day (after nasty traffic) at the Art Institute of Chicago to see the new Modern Wing. The gardens were wonderfully cool comparatively and a great introduction to a new mindset after sitting in parade traffic.A recent work by Charles Ray. He found a fallen tree, fell in love with it, and had it carved by Japanese woodcarver. After seeing some of Bidou Yamaguchi's work during Ayomi's installation- all completed with handtools and no sanding- the labor that went into this is a thing of beauty itself.

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