Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Re:Place Installation Progress

The first roll of wallpaper on fabric has been waiting around the studio for about a week now. This skin of previous paper looks like precious skin shedding... I finally have a use for pink gauzy fabric I snatched from a fabric warehouse (paradise) in North Carolina right across the Georgia border. My dear friend Erin took me on the adventure a few years back during my stay in Athens, GA for an installation. Fabric by the pound... I can see why Erin saw the abandoned buildings (who's owners allowed her to work in) and the stores in the South as such a boon for installation.

Fabric is one of the first materials I was planning on incorporating since I can roll it and unwind it. This means a great amount of surface coverage and the ability to drive it up to Crystal Lake in my own vehicle. My sewing lessons will come to good use.

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