Thursday, September 24, 2009

let it shine

Material Studies and my three installations in Crystal Lake are coming down this weekend. In planning my delicate tear-down and technology pick up--- Andrew let me know the St. Louis Beacon's Ivy Cooper has included us as one of her "Bright Spots".

Here's the article, since I'm not sure how the link will fair with updates:

3:12 p.m. Mon. Sept. 21 - "A bit off the beaten path of Fiber Focus -- literally and otherwise -- is the exhibition "Material Studies" at Good Citizen Gallery. But if you're in the fiber way at the moment, this is one not to miss: a selection of works by six emerging artists who work with various conceptual and material strains of fiber, to really interesting effect.

Courtney Henson, who had a phenomenal show a while back at the now-defunct Maps contemporary art space in Belleville, weighs in this time with "And We'll Measure Your Brain." It's one of her signature process outfits: a handmade dress, hooked via knitted umbilical cord to a tiny video monitor which plays a loop of the artist performing in the dress. Henson is interested in twins and tautology, and makes some of the weirdest, most engaging fiber work around.

materialstudies100holz.jpgChristine A. Holtz is back to her subversive tricks too: "I Gotta Get Out Of This Place" is a space helmet, gloves and gravity boots made out of smashed styrofoam peanuts sewn together. Holtz plans to complete the outfit, and - who knows? -- it may actually help transport her to another dimension. (At the very least, the peanuts will outlive us all when the apocalypse comes.)

Erin K. Cork has transformed a vintage kitsch gold couch into a breeding ground for cell-like colonies made of felt and doilies, and Jessica Witte has followed suit with a "Birdseed Doily" on the floor nearby.

The show also includes works by Alicia Pigg and Jessica May."

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