Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pete and repeat

I replicated a piece of Venetian lace out of clay, compost, birdseed and wildflower seed ( using a grid to transfer the drawing for the first time ever) to create a few slides for my White Flag submission and some other galleries in the area. They ARE the wallpaper flowers I cut out with an x-acto by hand out of 2,100 feet of wallpaper a few years ago. No wonder I was drawn to this pattern above all others.

My attraction to a certain strand of Venetian lace is from a past love/hate relationship. This former affair made me purchase rolls of clearance wallpaper that approximated the pattern about 7 years ago. The wallpaper sat in my studio for two years before I found its "proper" usage as my "Holding Pattern" wallpaper. My love-hate relationship with the odd flowers (some built to resemble venetian lace- before I knew its source) sparked the beige cut work by removing all the large, structural flowers. If I didn't post some of the more hilarious studio "in progress shots" it would have taken longer for me to make the connection. --- For comparison- look at the flower directly to the right and above the "www.jessicawitte.com" flower.

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