Saturday, March 7, 2009

attitude of gratitute

Wow. I mean wow. The exhibition was incredibly well-attended- the Art Center was full of great people. I wanted to express sincere thanks for everyone who made the long haul from DeKalb, the city, Michigan, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Zurich (:)) and especially the Highland Park locals. The area was so friendly, I felt like being transported back to Nebraska City.(I fell in love with that place and their artist residency---KHN Center for the Arts. I especially want to thank those in the large crowd generous enough with their thoughts to share ideas and comments with me, and those who participated in the work- either drawing with the seed, altering the doilies, and dispersing it. I am still on a high from the event, with a bit of a sore throat from talking over the din. I feel like I have my voice back- being able to make work and exist in the intensive making process over several days. Being in such a lovely gallery space, surrounded by kind and understanding professionals --(Gabriella, Rena, Mario & Efrian) who enable you to "do your job" more effectively, just even getting a lift from all the students coming in and out of The Art Center... not to mention meeting four intriguing women (and having some time to spend with them that could extend past small talk) and getting to chat and have dialogue within the space. Olga- you are a lovely thing to have placed us together in a room.

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