Sunday, March 29, 2009

Perpetual State of Deterioration (and Restoration)...

Quote of the day (from home inspection): "Buildings are in a perpetual state of deterioration." Aren't we all?Here's an image of the Shawn Stuckey-designed For A Limited Time Only catalog getting some green, and purple while doing its magic in the compost bin...

B found an interesting proposal for the "Olive Boulevard Transportation Development District" with goals to
  • Improve traffic flow along Olive Boulevard and New Ballas Road
  • Increase access to area businesses
  • Improve pedestrian linkages to retail, service and employment destinations along Olive Boulevard and New Ballas Road
  • Improve aesthetics within the district, creating a more attractive and inviting commercial center.
I look forward to becoming an advocate for these initiatives.

Loving Flashback:

DeKalb, IL was working on a similar plan to revitalize South Fourth Street and downtown DeKalb. I already was privy to seeing quite a bit of rejuvenation of downtown DeKalb in my seven years there thanks to the combined efforts of business owners like Megan Morrison (owner of Megan Morrison and much adored and missed Moxie) and Re:New DeKalb. Working adjacent to Jennifer Groce, RNDK's Executive Director was an education in itself (a hard-working, super-smart, savvy businesswoman with perspective and a great sense of humor). Here's an image from the Re:New website of the new skating rink I haven't seen since our move to MO.

Being able to invest in the local community there was one of best parts of working as director at the Nehring Gallery (website designed by Holly Nicholson and Nicole Szostak), and at the NIU Art Museum. This "very walkable" town, according to, is sorely missed. Although I am happy to have moved to one of the most literate cities in America.

Now on to some fun research about energy efficient dryers, washers, refrigerators, drapery...water usage.... etc. Any recommendations are welcome.

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