Friday, March 20, 2009

...old song with a different meaning since...

Happy Birthday to Jee Leong Koh! He's celebrating by broadcasting a reading of his new work of poetry, Equal to the Earth. Since we used to eat meals together and went on a few excursions, I know his voice's cadence... it makes reading the works yourself much more enjoyable. I had the distinct pleasure of spending quite a bit of time with him during his residency at the KHN Center for the Arts. He is one of my favorite fellow art exhibition viewers and posts his responses to works he sees on his blog. He read poetry to me while driving highway 2 home from Omaha and to the airport. His poetry is often erotic (in a real way with tension and celebration , smart and measured. His interest in metered poetry makes me reconsider the ability of structure to free one to discuss tiny details. Thanks for making it come alive, Jee!

"Virtual Reality is no substitute, but neither is memory." ---

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