Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sweet way to start the morning

After a great breakfast of cinnamon toast, grilled peppers and eggs and spending some quality time with Brad before he headed to work, I open my email and see my artwork featured in the WomanMade Gallery July Newsletter. And a hearty congratulations to WMG for being selected as one of the best art galleries by Today's Chicago Woman readers.

A very friendly voice from WMG called recently to make sure I really didn't want to the birdseed mailed back to me. It feels great to be low maintenance and let them know "really, you can just spread the seed outside (hopefully in a an artful pattern) and just reuse or recycle the containers." The gallery gave me such a sweet spot to install- right at the base of the stairs, under their street level window. Due to the crowding during events and the length of the show- the work was placed on a base for this one instance. Beate-the director and Tasha-the intern who answered my barrage of questions made the installation process enjoyable. Their staff and volunteers are wonderfully professional and friendly. It was great to work in such a lovely space- especially since I had to travel half a day to get there- with a staff that was organized and laid-back. This image- the one from the newsletter- was a great view down from the stairs and the artists shown were working on the peice for at least about a 1/2 hour, some nearly 1/2 of the opening. It was great to see others get lost in the act of making.

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