Friday, July 31, 2009

Upcycling old prints, Paper Girl Style

I've been going through moving boxes and have come across some work I am ready to part with--- and found a great outlet.

Papermotion from Papergirl on Vimeo.

"The Paper Girl Northampton Project is a locally based, self-funded, nonprofit project to be modeled after the Paper Girl Project originally organized by Aisha Ronniger in Berlin Germany. The objective of the project is to hold an open call for donated, original works of art on paper which are to be displayed in local shops and restaurants for a period of two weeks in this coming September. At the culmination of the exhibit the works will be rolled into brown paper and distributed at random by a team of cyclist to persons on the streets of Northampton, MA.

The Paper Girl Project extends itself to Northampton via the efforts of Eben Kling, Adam Kology and Katherine Romansky. The Paper Girl Project is rapidly gaining momentum and is taking place in other major cities and on an international level. As a result, The Paper Girl Northampton Project will be simultaneously tying itself into an international arts community movement while soliciting an unsuspecting bond within the immediate Northampton community.

The open call for The Paper Girl Northampton Project requests original works of art on paper , works are not to exceed 30 x 30. Multiples of hand printed series such as screen prints, lithographs and other similar types of prints will be accepted. However, photographed-digital reproductions of any type of work will not be accepted. Participating artists will make donations with the understanding that their work will not be returned to them as it will be given away for free.

Donations can be made in person at 103 State St, Northampton MA, 01060 There will be a drop box in the front hall of the building which will be emptied regularly.

Donations can also be mailed to Katherine Romansky at 103 State Street apt 4 Northampton Ma 01060.

Please be sure that all your pieces are labeled with your name, title, medium and any contact info you may wish to include such as an email address or website, should you be interested in the recipient being able to contact you."

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