Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to Work!

A whole new floor to tackle.

A shot of Em and I upstairs on our last long night (before my Christmas break). The "monster" corn section is in the back left taunting us.

After a lovely extended, snowed-in, "Plan E" Christmas break I am nearly ready to get back to work. I work up early this morning to drive north to try to beat a coming storm. I am taking a break and it has begun snowing. Before setting lights, I stopped by for milk at the grocery store and added a few bits of nibbles to my stock in case it does get as nasty as they predict. If I had more fridge space I would have tried the "Root Beer" flavored whole milk, a funky find that makes me curious and a little squirmy. I'm happy to say the smell of the drying shellac in the gallery isn't too bad, and I'll be drawing in seed in a few hours.

A huge thank you to Emily who helped me complete the second floor of the gallery before I left for Christmas. On the last full day of working, late into the evening we tried to muster the strength and coordination to shoot a group photo. Sadly, this is the best out of a large group, but it is a great reminder of a wonderful friend- the place is a bit lonely without her. Thanks again Em!

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