Monday, January 11, 2010

Time Lapse Installation Video- Take One

Thanks Brad for researching, compiling and not sleeping to make this happen so quickly. Move the sound bar next to the Blogger B if you don't want music.


Peter Olson said...

Awesome Jess! Wish we had that kind of setup for some of the shows here.

Jess Witte said...

You probably have all the stuff to do it. I used my little net book's web cam and used a down loadable program called Timershot. Brad is the one who turned it into a video, and I am going to be learning how to do the other footage we shot hopefully this weekend. I'll let you know the rest of the process. Timershot lets you set the interval for the time lapse, and you name where the files go and the name. They are timestamped so you can keep recording over multiple days with the same name. Since I was using the web cam in my laptop, it was hard to get some of the parts of the gallery in the shot. I had to set it up on a ladder, but since I was working myself into a corner to be able to not destroy previous work, some shots were not possible. I think you can also set up an external camera to a laptop as well, but we didn't try that for the C-SC install since I was worried about getting it finished.