Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wallpaper & Install Weekend

Last Friday, I installed a 16' segment of Re:place for the SCC Faculty Show 2010 in the Fine Arts Building on campus. Re:place is a rehanging of the wallpaper and valance I removed when I moved into my St. Louis home (here's shots from my McHenry County College install).
Today, after I ate half my weight in blueberry pancakes at Oregon Trail Roasting Co., I began a small birdseed drawing as part of Art after Ours, a group show of Pulitzer F of A employees at Governor French Academy Gallery. The Belleville, IL space has some gorgeous wallpaper (especially in the gentleman's restroom) and wooden paneling, tin ceiling tiles, ceiling medallions and chandeliers with large store-front windows. The floor is an odd plank formation which makes seed drawing more difficult that anything I've worked on before. I ended up leaving in early afternoon to digest the space a bit more before I head back to install on Tuesday and possibly Thursday to expand it out to nine feet. The opening for Art After Ours is this coming Friday evening, opening hours still TBA.

I'll have to post some images of the gentleman's restroom wallpaper pattern and more of the Main Street. I also plan to stop by Schmidt Art Center while in the area on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Few More Interaction Shots

Here's a few more interaction shots as the first brave few entered the wall to wall floor drawing.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Thursday's opening went well- even had five visitors drive out to see the spectacle of the opening alongside those associated with the college. The reticence of the crowd entering the gallery was a new experience for me to watch. The wall to wall installation was much more intimidating than I was expecting. I am looking forward to seeing the video documentation of the literal "opening" of the doors. The brave first soul made a path and there was a single file through the space and then a gathering on the stairs and around the railing of the second floor. I haven't gotten all my documentation photos back, but will post more as I get images. I am in desperate need to update my website with images from this past year, but need to migrate files from my old computer to make it happen- which is project 5 on my to-do list.

Here are photos care of myself and my in-laws from the opening.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vinyl's up and coming...

I finished up behind the stairs and on the light table last night. Danielle helped to move supplies and install a large milo shape at the front of the gallery. Mindy and Amber both put up the title vinyl. A few more hours tomorrow and I'll just need to load up and enjoy the reception. Time for some R & R.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Documentation help to the rescue!

A huge thanks to Jen for lunch and introducing me to Andrew, a video student excited to track down some resources for recording the opening. WooHoo! This very friendly campus just seems more wonderful with each passing day. Fred's help with ventilating the gallery, Brenda's extra trash bags, and several others offered help and encouragement.

I'm grabbing some food after meeting with photographer Jeffery Bruce. I'm excited to see the outcome. He brought up several issues inherent with the work and the necessary shots to capture them. We shared a few stories about experiencing Japan. Today has definitely driven home the notion that the arts attract generous people. Good times (especially after nearly solitary confinement over the last week).

Bring on the caloric intake- I need some energy to make a lot of decisions tonight. I hope to finish up behind the stairs and the light table tonight.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The marathon continues

I am looking forward to meeting with photographer Jeff Bruce tomorrow afternoon and some sleep.

Time Lapse Installation Video- Take One

Thanks Brad for researching, compiling and not sleeping to make this happen so quickly. Move the sound bar next to the Blogger B if you don't want music.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A productive Sunday- Part II Day 4

I spent this afternoon and evening hard at work, adding a scalloped edge to the stair doily and working clear into the left hand corner. My soundtrack consisted, in part, of Richard Buckner's "The Hill", Archers of Loaf, Nina Simone, Springsteen's "Nebraska", REO Speedwagon, and finally an Oldies radio station once I couldn't seem to find a disc that wasn't skipping on my favorite songs. 'Ye Olde Boom Box' has seen better days.

Part II- Day 3 and a day of rest

Happy to see an announcement for the show on campus television!

I spent Friday working late and stopped when my exhaustion-induced paranoia got to be too much of a distraction. I ended up working almost the whole width of the gallery around the stairs before calling it a night. I did a few sketches of options and plan to check back on it with a fresh outlook.

On Saturday, Brad came up to visit and I got a release from my cabin fever. I sketched a bit in the morning, and was happy to escape campus to check out Quincy once he arrived. Brad and I had a wonderful home-cooked meal and visit thanks to Jen, Todd, Trevor and Joel's hospitality. I am ready to head back to work- with a rested mind and body.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Part II- Day 2

Another day, another few feet. Jen stopped by this evening to help adjust and even out the lights. After spending a day in the gallery, it was hard to troubleshoot the track lighting. Jen also brought me some hilarious stories and hot was so nice to have some company and the help. Look at the gorgeous wood floor!

I actually felt "in the zone" for a while today, I hope it returns often. I am headed to bed a bit early tonight, I began to feel a bit clumsy and need to adjust just a few lights and I'll be free from worrying about them.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Part II- Day 1

It's started. Slowly, but I've figured out how I want to deal with the school seal. Lights are set for the most part and I've begun the center of the largest doily. I'm getting a bit careless with my feet, so I' m calling it a night.

Back to Work!

A whole new floor to tackle.

A shot of Em and I upstairs on our last long night (before my Christmas break). The "monster" corn section is in the back left taunting us.

After a lovely extended, snowed-in, "Plan E" Christmas break I am nearly ready to get back to work. I work up early this morning to drive north to try to beat a coming storm. I am taking a break and it has begun snowing. Before setting lights, I stopped by for milk at the grocery store and added a few bits of nibbles to my stock in case it does get as nasty as they predict. If I had more fridge space I would have tried the "Root Beer" flavored whole milk, a funky find that makes me curious and a little squirmy. I'm happy to say the smell of the drying shellac in the gallery isn't too bad, and I'll be drawing in seed in a few hours.

A huge thank you to Emily who helped me complete the second floor of the gallery before I left for Christmas. On the last full day of working, late into the evening we tried to muster the strength and coordination to shoot a group photo. Sadly, this is the best out of a large group, but it is a great reminder of a wonderful friend- the place is a bit lonely without her. Thanks again Em!